Heightening Awareness for Students

Concerning issues of prejudice & discrimination

Giving Students Strategies

To confront prejudice and discrimination

Celebrating our 30th year of educating teens

S.T.O.P. is an education initiative established in 1991. The program was designed and

implemented by representatives of three faith organizations in Sudbury, Massachusetts

with the support and assistance of the Anti Defamation League’s Making a Difference Program.

Goals of the S.T.O.P. Program

  • To heighten participant’s awareness concerning issues of prejudice and discrimination
  • To give students the strategies to confront prejudice and discrimination
  • To develop and affirm leadership skills in participating teens

This program is a seven-week curriculum, targeted to Junior High students and facilitated by high school students. Through the use of games, activities and peer discussions participants learn how to recognize and respond to stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination.


“We cannot say enough good things about STOP. What an enlightening experience for our youth!  The educational aspect of learning a bit about each house of worship who hosts STOP is great. And the ability for our kids to be with kids of all ages and denominations, learning to respect all is invaluable.”

Carole Pendelton

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“Each individual is equally precious, illuminating life.  To diminish that flame by denigrating, disprespecting or oppressing people based on on the color of their skin or their ethnicity or their culture is to dishonor the sacred in the world, in one’s self, and in others.”

National Conference for Community and Justice